Finding and keeping quality mechanics is a challenge for equipment service companies. Attracting new talent can be tricky. With a shortage of skilled trades people available, companies are having difficulty acquiring new employees who have all the qualifications needed.

1. Have The Nicest Job Posting On The Block


Do you find that when you put out a job posting that you end up sifting through piles of resumes of unqualified applicants? The problem may be in the job posting. The open job market is a large pond and if you don’t properly bait your hook you are more likely to reel in a stray boot than that prize catch you are hoping for.

 So how do you properly draw them in?  First, ask yourself; what makes your company stand out to potential employees? Is that key differentiator in your job posting? If not, it should be!

Qualified mechanics know they are in high demand, and will be more selective with where they apply.  Give your job posting a little curb appeal by offering some insight into why they should want to work for you.

2. Know Who You Are Looking For


Take the time to outline what personality characteristics or transferrable skills you are looking for in a good mechanic. That may come in the form of strong leadership skills, being a team player, or being a self-starter. Factor these criteria into your hiring process to help find candidates that will better meet your needs and will ultimately with your company your company longer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can teach a mechanic. Hiring on current skill level alone isn’t a sure fire solution. Hard skills are important but can be acquired, personalities and work ethic are more concrete traits that should be taken into consideration.  

A junior member of the team may start by checking tire pressure, refueling, and doing oil changes, but over time adding in new tasks will also keep them interested in the role. With time, this junior member will have new abilities that will allow them to contribute more to the success of your business.

Hiring and developing mechanics internally is a great way to build trust and loyalty between the team and management.  

Great Mechanics Usually Know Other Great Mechanics

Great mechanics usually have similar interests to other great mechanics outside of the workplace.  These relationships are a powerful recruiting tool in bringing in the right people to build your team.

Encourage your existing staff to refer other people that they think would be a good fit in your company. Because they know the working conditions, and these potential candidates, they can be an excellent tool to recruit the right people.

3. Take Them for a Test Drive

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Too many companies make the mistake of treating interviewing like speed dating. They want to meet a lot of people quickly and pick one based off one short interaction.

Having a formal, short interview is important in narrowing down a large list of applicants, but once you have identified some potential candidates, have them come into your shop for a one day shadow with a trusted member of your team. Let them know that they will be paid even if they are unsuccessful in getting the job.

This will allow your team to get to know the skills and personality of the recruit, as well as give them a view into the working environment.

This process helps to ensure that both you and your new hire have the same expectations of this role and will significantly decrease the new hire turnover within the first 90 days. In some states or provinces, they may need to sign a waiver of liability to work in your shop, so make sure to check with your local workplace insurance board to ensure you are compliant.

4. Learn What Gets Them Out of Bed in the Morning


Understand what mechanics value in an employer. Whether it is consistent hours or financial incentives, knowing what motivates your employees will allow you to better retain them overtime. To get an idea for what motivates a mechanic, consider surveying one or more of your top mechanics.

When you find out what motivates your current employees consider implementing some of these ideas to keep them engaged these can also become the points of differentiation you promote in your job postings.

You may worry about asking this question because you fear everyone is going to want a raise or big bonus check, however, commonly you will find that mechanics actually just want things to make their jobs easier.

For example, having to keep track of dozens of paper work orders while on the road could be a pain point for many of your mechanics. Perhaps transitioning them to a mobile solution that allows them to complete and submit digital work orders from the field could relieve some stress.

Happy Staff Means Happy Customers

Increased satisfaction of your team can have many benefits.  Employee turnover can be very costly to a business, between lost productivity due to training, paying overtime because you are short staffed, or having to turn away new contracts.  By utilizing these techniques you should be able to find, and keep the right people.  Because at the end of the day, whoever you hire will represent you and your company on the frontlines, dealing with customers everyday.

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