At Texada, our mission is to make work easy and instant. Over the past 12 months, we’ve relentlessly pursued this by building support into our applications for new digital workflows, addressing increasing workforce mobility with FleetLogic, and exploring the future of field service with the unveiling of the VisionX augmented reality experience.  In addition to new and updated products we’ve launched, we’ve brought on more developers, salespeople and a product manager (as well as many new office fur babies) to support our growth.

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Texada Team

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The Texada team, spanning USA, Canada, and Australia, has nearly doubled in size in the last 12 months. And we have gained new partnerships with our amazing global customers – including a few that aren’t in the rental industry. We have seen fleets enhanced, new business models deployed, teams grow, acquisitions and mergers complete, and expansion to new markets. Together with our customers we’ve faced challenges, experienced change of all magnitudes, and have achieved unprecedented growth. We’re continuously evolving. We’re becoming more connected digitally, more mobile and more visual.

With all of this change, we reached a realization several months ago that our visual branding hasn’t evolved at the same pace. We have fond memories of our beloved navy blue and maple red logo; however, who we have become as an organization has evolved, our products have evolved, and our customers have evolved.

We spent the last few months carefully reimagining the Texada brand. What we determined early on was what we wanted it to say about Texada – namely, that we are constantly evolving. We also felt that the new logo had to reflect who we have become. It had to be flexible. Provide a sense of wonder. Something people might get as a  tattoo. It had to look badass.

So here it is:

Texada Logo

The twisting ribbon reflects our journey and continuous evolution, and shades of color express the facets and diversity of our organization. You’ll begin to see this branding, and variations of it depending on the scenario, replace our previous branding across our website, social media, offices and other properties over the coming months.

We thank you for your support of Texada all these years, and hope you’ll celebrate this step in our journey.

Together, we continue to evolve. And together, we invent the future.

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