No business is perfect.  Every day there are tasks that your team does that could be completed much faster and more accurately if they were done digitally instead of on paper.

Does your admin staff waste time making sense of sloppy work orders? Do work orders take hours, days, or even weeks to make it back to the office for processing? Are you printing and storing thousands of sheets of paper every month?

More importantly, have you ever tried to calculate how much these inefficiencies cost you? Well, we developed a tool that does just that.

By working with customers in different industries we have developed a tool that can calculate what these inefficiencies are costing your business.  By putting in basic information about your business we can determine in real world dollars how much additional profit you could be making.

We took real data inputs from an existing customer and generated a custom FleetLogic Value Report. Based on the information they provided us, we were able to project a $1,627,000.00 increase in revenue, and $878,437.50 in cost savings. With a projected total benefit of over two million dollars, adding FleetLogic to their business was an easy decision.


By improving fleet utilization alone, this customer should be able to increase their revenue by 1.25 million annually. How would they do it? The result is achieved by leveraging FleetLogic’s® ability to allow for faster inspections and more accurate status codes, resulting in less equipment downtime.

Get Your Own FleetLogic Value Report

Use the FleetLogic Value Calculator to do calculations based on your business.