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Dearest Merchants,

For generations, my ancestors have managed our enchanted items shop. Each day we rent rare items to brave adventurers and scrawl countless contracts on parchment with ink and plume. As a result, we have struggled to maintain accurate records across our business. But alas, even the darkest elven magic could not offer a better solution for managing our rental operations.

Until one night in the dead of winter, an astonishing piece of news reached our shop by way of a mysterious traveler. He spoke of a software tool that came from the clouds, containing the power to reshape the world as we knew it. He called it – Texada Core (formerly RentalLogic). 

Sincerely yours,

Cornelius Hempwick

Build Your Skill Tree With Texada Core

Unlock These Enchantments, Skills & More!


+1 Create Contracts

+2 Rental Returns

+3 Edit Open Contracts

+4 Change Rental Rates

+5 Deposite on Contracts


+1 Create New Assets

+2 Sort By Classes & Groups

+3 Update Current Status

+4 Assign Barcode

+5 Show on Website


+1 Create New Customers

+2 Associate Discount Rates

+3 Manage Damage Waivers

+4 Capture Drivers Licenses

+5 Enable Online Reservations


+1 Generate Invoices

+2 Process Credit Card Payments

+3 Manage Multiple Tax Codes

+4 Optional Paperless Billing

+5 Sync with Accounting Software

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