Until now, only large global corporations had access to the kind of comprehensive operation management solutions needed to gain a competitive edge in today’s business climate. With Texada’s Rental Management software, rental companies like yours can achieve more; more growth, more efficiency, more profit. Texada Software is the all-in-one solution for your rental business. We provide enterprise software to manage the lifecycle of equipment ownership; from acquisition, rentals and sales through to disposal.


Texada’s total Rental Management system supports enterprise class relational databases across operating systems. The powerful software integrates every facet of business into a central “nerve-center” platform, fitting seamlessly with best-in-class applications for superior functionality. With features that save on staff time, improve accuracy and increase customer satisfaction, the system can positively impact your company’s profitability. Advanced reporting gives you the ability to analyze costs, obtain real-time data, prepare forecasts, and run your business with a whole new level of confidence.


FleetLogic is a new mobile equipment inspection and tracking platform for iOS, Android and mobile web that provides detailed asset tracking and data management tools. It enables simpler, faster and easier in-the-field equipment inspections and work order data entry, as well as many other powerful features.


Insight by Texada brings together beautiful informational graphics and charts with powerful back end reporting.  View the critical information about your business quickly in easy to digest formats. Insight can be paired with SRM’s equipment management software to provide a dashboard look at your business.


How can you make your key customers’ rental experience better? How can you take the invaluable service you already provide to the next level? The answer is to make doing business with you more convenient, more efficient, and more productive than ever before. In a recent Associated Construction Publication study, three of four construction industry professionals are now going online more than once each day for work purposes … spending an average of nine hours online each week. Other than e-mail, activities such as researching new equipment, visiting manufacturers’/distributors’ websites, and reading industry news dominate their Internet usage. Eight of 10 have made construction-related purchases online … with a third placing orders for new/used equipment. Do you provide your customers with this valuable tool? If you don’t, your competitors do. With Portal Web Enabling Technology, you can dramatically improve the level of communication with your customers and provide them unparalleled access to information that will help them make important business decisions. As a powerful Customer Relationship Management tool, Systematic Portal allows for 24/7 Internet interactivity between your company and your customers. This revolutionary re-engineered proprietary product is exclusive to those rental companies that utilize Texada’s Systematic Rental Management.

Benefits To Your Company

  • Building Stronger Customer Relations
  • Live System Integration
  • Security and Audit Trails

Benefits To Your Customer

  • Inquiries
  • Procurement Functionality
  • Account Management
  • Point-and-Click Navigation