Do You Want Some Extra Cash?

You work every day with other rental shops, contractors, and sub contractors that are looking for ways to increase their profitability, and our software can help them.

If you know companies that are looking for better ways to manage their assets, keep on top of work orders, or optimize their logistics then we’d love to talk.

What’s in it for You?

Contest: For every qualified referral submitted between January 1st and March 31st, 2017, you will also be entered into a draw to win $500 Cash!

Refer another company to Texada, and when they implement with us, you will personally receive a $500 cheque. As well, your company will receive a credit for each user license the new company purchases at implementation.

For example, a five user referral, will earn your company 5 times your monthly per license fee as a credit against your account.

Who Can Use Our Software?

FleetLogic can be used by any company that wants to optimize the performance of their service teams. With an easy to use mobile app and web dashboard, accurate information can be accessed quickly by anyone who needs it. FleetLogic’s flexible workflows can help almost any industry that has teams on the road such as HVAC, equipment service, transportation, towing/hauling, and so many more.

SRM is a robust asset management solution that can be used by equipment rental companies, construction companies, contractors, fleet owners or anyone that is looking to get more visibility into the ROI of the assets they manage.

SRM is for more than just equipment rental.
We have a wide range of customers using SRM; from construction companies wanting to manage their assets to reduce re-rental costs, as well as audio/visual rental, scaffolding, trailer rental, dumpster services, towing, and portable sanitation.

With so many different businesses using SRM I am sure you have already thought of some businesses that could benefit from talking with us.

So How Does It Work?

Think about any companies that you know that would benefit from what our software has to offer. Then complete the referral form on and we will contact you for an introduction to this lead. That’s It! Five minutes of your time for $500 or more in return!