Earlier this week Texada Software’s Director of Product and Technology, Isaac Ristich was a guest panelist on RER Magazine’s Rental Transportation and Logistics webinar. Along with Isaac were other leaders in the rental industry, sharing insights to best help rental companies looking for answers on how to reduce costs and improve services.

The panel discussed the need for technology by rental companies to reduce costs and organize business. For management, dispatch, and delivery services, tools like Texada Software’s SaaS SRM and FleetLogic would provide companies with the coverage needed to accomplish these objectives.

Isaac explained that by implementing field service management tools, rental businesses would gain better access to information, increase visibility into their equipment fleet and field staff. The increased productivity from a connected and mobile workforce would mean streamlined operations, reduction in operating costs, and better serviced customers.

Today’s rental organizations can no longer simply rely on physical work orders, notes and maps to maintain jobs if they want to keep up with the competition. Investing in technology is the smart way to respond to the dynamics of a rental business. Get the free on-demand webinar.