You may have heard that there are some big changes on the horizon for SRM.

We are building a brand new SRM experience while we will continue to deliver the power and functionality you have already come to expect from SRM, our goal is to design a more user friendly and accessible experience.

To make sure we deliver the best updates for your needs, we will need your help. We want you to help us better understand the daily tasks in your role and how we can best support your success.

What does it mean to be a member of the Customer Advisory Group?

We will be conducting short role-based interview sessions to help us better design the new interface, as well as better understand what feature enhancements should be added to make your users’ lives easier and your business more successful.

Once a month we will have an open call where members can discuss the latest releases, provide feedback on what we can do better and talk about the future updates to SRM. We will also talk one on one once a month, either remotely or at your business to help our teams better validate what you need to be successful.

What do you get for helping us?

In exchange for your time, not only will you have a voice in upcoming development, but you will also get early access to the new experience. This means new features, easier usage, and more actionable information to help you grow your business.

If you or anyone on your team wants to get involved with this exciting development, then please be sure to complete the application form below.

We will start with the counter operations and equipment service areas of the application and then we will tackle other functional roles in the rental business.