Texada Visits Offshore Technology Conference

Texada Software Visits Offshore Technology Conference

Texada Software attended the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference, which marks the 50th anniversary of the conference being held in Houston, TX. The offshore oil & gas industry officially started in October 1947 when Kerr-McGee Oil Industries (now Anadarko Petroleum) drilled the first well out of sight of land — in Ship Shoal Block 32, offshore the coast of Louisiana — as an operator for partners Phillips Petroleum (ConocoPhillips) and Stanolind Oil & Gas (BP).

This year, attendance at the conference was up from previous years at 61,300 and was comprised of attendees from over a hundred countries around the world. Many of the floor exhibits at the conference were equipment-related companies that supply the primary operating, service, and drilling-related services in the industry. Technical papers were presented, and leaders from independent, major, and national oil & gas companies met to discuss the state of the industry, technological innovations, research, maximizing value, and ideas for the future.

The conference consisted of programs led by keynote speakers, presentations by leaders of the global energy industry who celebrated with OTC, acknowledgment of new technologies, and giving awards to notable small businesses.

“The 50th edition of OTC focused on subjects such as the current state of the industry, reducing costs and improving overall value, breakthrough technologies in a low oil price environment, and industry-leading safety practices in addition to recurring topics.

Texada Software is pleased to have attended the conference to network with potential clients, and become more familiar with some of the leading players in the equipment rental business within the larger oil & gas industry.

We look forward to sharing more of these valuable experiences and knowledge through future conferences!

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