The Future of Field Service

Vision X is an augmented reality (AR) application that empowers mechanics, field service technicians and drivers to more effectively diagnose and repair equipment issues.  Users of Vision X interact with photorealistic 3D models of construction and industrial equipment to conduct virtual disassembly or repair procedures. Sales representatives can use Vision X as a tool to virtually demonstrate equipment and parts.

Vision X also integrates with a customer’s inventory and work order management software, so users can view 3D AR models of specific equipment in their fleet, including an asset’s complete service history, telematics sensor readings, and predictive analytics. Users can also see real-time parts inventory levels and order parts directly within Vision X.

Equip Your Technicians with Superpowers


  • Perfect memory – high-context access to service history, manuals, and other information
  • X-ray vision – the ability to see through a machine and identify components that are wearing out or get real-time sensor readings
  • The ability to predict the future – with predictive analytics one will know when a component needs to be replaced or is predicted to fail
  • Teleportation – by using telepresence capabilities a technician can be in one city diagnosing something while guiding someone else through the procedure
  • Telepathy – the ability for another team member to participate in a live stream/video conference through a technician’s smart glasses or mobile phone
Vision X Features
Vision X partners

Vision X Partners

Texada has partnered with DAQRI, providers of professional-grade augmented reality hardware, and Treasure8, an extended reality (XR) development firm, to bring Vision X to life.

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