Texada Software is a member of the Noble Iron family of companies. We provide enterprise software to manage the lifecycle of equipment ownership; from acquisition, rentals and sales through to disposal. Texada Software is offered in the cloud and is scalable to meet the needs of any size customer.

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About Texada Software

Texada clients enjoy the benefits of enhanced efficiency through better asset utilization. Faster transactions, simplified processes, and comprehensive reporting dramatically improve business performance. Your total investment in software is rewarded by a short payback. Best practice support, professional development, industry vision and expertise make Texada the choice for rental and mobile equipment management solutions.


The equipment rental industry has changed dramatically in the last five years and according to business analysts, it will continue to grow and change for many more years to come. As our industry becomes broader and more complex and our customers ask more of us, relying on old ways of doing business will simply no longer be acceptable. In fact given the highly competitive, reduced margin climate of today’s rental market, the efficiency, accuracy and speed of each and every transaction is crucial to maintaining customer relationships and a healthy bottom line. Let’s face it, no matter what the size of your rental company, you can’t afford to lose customers to errors, glitches or bumpy transactions. By making every transaction a smooth one, and you have everything to gain.

When we, the principals of Texada, came together we discussed our front-line experience at some of North America’s leading rental companies and came to the conclusion that the equipment rental business has a need to move forward. We all agreed that regardless of the name on the sign outside the rental enterprise, business operations could be handled better, customers could be better served, and profits could improve. We formed Texada to address these needs, and came up with a technology-based solution that goes far beyond basic counter operations. As your partner in success, Texada is ready to revolutionize your business with a comprehensive “nerve center” platform that will fit seamlessly into your operation, while making it stronger, more efficient and better than ever before.


Texada is an independent, publicly-held North American corporation formed by executives with extensive backgrounds in the equipment rental industry. Our technology-driven software products were specifically designed to provide solutions for the equipment rental enterprise, and are fully scalable to meet the needs of any size operation.


One of our most important goals at Texada is to provide technology solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing rental enterprise operations. That’s why we designed our software packages to run on any platform – so you don’t have to buy new hardware unless you choose to. After a rigorous process analysis in which our experts spend time in your operation learning your business, we’ll come back with your adapted software ready to install quickly and easily. There will be no disruption to your business, no downtime, and the new program will fit smoothly into your current system. We’ll train your staff in how to get optimal results from Texada Software, and we’re always just a phone call away for help at any time. We’ll grow as you do – upgrades are constantly in development, once again with seamless integration and ease of use being top priorities. Texada brings over 25 years of rental management knowledge to the market and a new vision for the future of the industry. Led by an experienced management team, its professional software development, implementation, and support provide feature-rich solutions that meet the mission critical needs of today’s rental and fleet management organizations.