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Get Equipped for Success with Texada Webinars

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Stay on top of the latest insight for equipment business management with Texada webinars available on-demand.

Past Webinar Recordings

Managing the Minute Thieves

Take back your time and learn how ServiceLink Flex can help you find your jobs and assignments, complete reports from the field, and reduce your report homework. 

Duration: 45 Minutes

Meet Texada Analytics

Join Texada Experts for a demonstration of Texada Analytics, the in-platform, integrated solution for report visualization and development.

Topics include out-of-the-box data and visualizations and the basics of custom visualization development

Duration: 30 Minutes

Technician Productivity

Hear from  Paul Phillips, one of our product experts (who comes with a background of 32 years in the dealer world), share his technician productivity insights. Find out how to make every minute count, as well as the real-world strategies that help dealers boost their bottom line.

Note: This presentation was initially prepared for our 2023 User Conference, so User Conference attendees may see repeat content

Duration: 30 Minutes

Optimize Your Payment Process with Texada Pay

We invite you to attend our 30-minute webinar on simplifying your payment process with Texada Pay. The discussion, led by Adam Kropf, will cover how this integrated payment solution supports streamlining transactions, including getting paid automatically, sending invoices easily, activating payments for self-service and more.

Duration: 30 Minutes

AI Will Revolutionize the Rental Industry

Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the rental equipment sector and learn practical ways to integrate this transformative technology into your business. Join Adam Kropf, Head of Product Management at Texada, for an insightful session on harnessing AI to enhance profitability, elevate customer experiences, and more. 

Duration: 30 Minutes

Rental Trends

In this virtual event, Josh Nickell, the Vice President of the Equipment Segment at ARA, as well as Texada’s very own Head of Product Management, Adam Kropf, cover key challenges they’re seeing in the rental industry.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Digitize or Die

In this engaging virtual event, we have gathered two esteemed industry experts, Matt Harris, the CEO of Texada, and Ron Slee, dealer industry expert, to share their thoughts on the digitization happening in the dealer world.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Texada Webinar Series: Equipped for Success

Maximize Technician Efficiency with Full Mobile Capabilities

Learn how to give your technicians and drivers complete capabilities while on the go. With Texada Mobile, you can access work orders, track and manage field operations in real-time, and more through your mobile device to reduce wait times and accelerate results. 

Duration: 30 Minutes

Texada Webinar Series: Equipped for Success

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Rental Business with Texada Rental Management

Rental operations do not have to be complicated. As software providers for sales, service, and rental operations, we know how barriers can arise between departments and weigh down your business, creating more work for your rental staff. 

Duration: 30 Minutes

Texada Webinar Series: Equipped for Success

Increase Transactions & Empower Customers with Self-Service Equipment Rental

During this 30-minute webinar, we’ll show you how to set up your online rental store quickly and easily with Texada GateWay.

Plus learn how one equipment rental business has empowered customers and increased transactions with Texada GateWay.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Texada Webinar Series

How to Boost Profits with Advanced Damage Detection

Learn how one of the top rental companies collected $15M annually in rental damages alone thanks to better workflows and inspection technology. Find out how to increase your damage detection rate by 10% or more in this helpful on-demand webinar.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Texada FleetLogic: Service Calls, Returns, and Inspections

Tackle Service Calls, In-Yard Returns, and Asset Inspections with Texada FleetLogic

In this webinar, we explore how The Rental Company uses Texada FleetLogic to better connects their dispatcher Jimmy with Joe the mechanic. We follow along as Jimmy and Joe complete service calls, inspections, and rental returns faster than ever without paper.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Texada Webinar Series: Connect With Your Customers Online

Connect with your customers online and build brand loyalty with Texada GateWay

In this webinar, we explore how Jim and Sally from ABC Construction use Texada GateWay to manage their account with The Rental Company online. We follow along as Jim manages his contracts, open rentals, and pickup requests, before Sally views invoices and pays outstanding invoices online. Lastly, we watch as Jim updates job site information, changes a PO number, and configures ABC Constructions notification settings.

Duration: 24 Minutes

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