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Manage your rental business from A to Z with

Systematic Rental Management

Customer choice

Systematic Rental Management (Texada SRM) has been an industry-leading solution for managing rental operations for over 35 years. With companies around the world trusting Texada SRM to help them reliably manage their businesses from the counter to accounting every day.

Provide reliable service to your customers

Texada SRM helps your team take care of your customers by managing customer accounts, contracts, delivery, pick-up, exchanges, reservations, quotes, and much more.

Track inventory from warehouse receiving to disposal

From re-ordering sales items to maintaining rental assets to handling re-rentals and keeping spare parts on hand, managing inventory can be complicated. Texada SRM helps companies track it all from a single unified system.

Keep your books tight with built in accounting

Tracking depreciation for your fleet or posting invoices to your GL shouldn’t be tangled between multiple software subscriptions and integrations. Texada SRM has all the accounting features that rental companies need to keep their bookkeeping clean.

Organize your service department with

Texada Mobile

With Texada Mobile service documents flow quickly and accurately between your staff in the office, on-site, in the warehouse, and in the yard. The mobile app is available to drivers and mechanics on iOS and Android.

Digitally document details from the field

For service teams, the dollars are in the details. Texada Mobile helps your team capture, organize, and archive those details by taking the paper out of your paperwork.

Prioritize driver schedules with tickets

Your fleet is constantly in motion and paper has been struggling to keep things moving for decades. Start everyday with confidence that your customer will get the timely delivery they deserve.

Process rental returns from the yard

Get your customers on their way sooner by skipping the wait at the counter with the power of In-Yard Returns.

Connect with our experts

Book a meeting with our rental management software experts to talk about managing every aspect of your rental business securely from the cloud.

Enhance your customer experience with

Texada GateWay

Texada GateWay is a safe, easy, and reliable way for your customers to do business with you around the clock. Connect with your existing website to supercharge your online customer experience or build a new interactive website to display live inventory availability powered by your rental management software.

Check inventory availability and request reservations

Give your customers the ability to browse live inventory availability right on your website and take action immediately by requesting reservations.

Manage contracts and open rentals

Customers can view all their open contracts and filter by the job site. They can download PDF versions of contracts, update PO numbers, and receive email reminders when contracts are nearing due.

Review and pay invoices online

Texada GateWay enables customers to pay invoices with credit cards. They can easily view and download all their invoices online, saving employees time sending invoices.

Optimize your payment collection with

Texada Pay

Texada Pay securely collects credit card payments and keeps card information on file for use in future transactions. 

Access customer card on file

Texada Pay securely captures and stores customer credit card information and keeps it on file for future payments.

Collect payments right away with auto-pay

With Auto-Pay you can save a card to a customer account and use that card on invoices, during rental return, or even in cycle billing.

Supported payment types

Texada Pay supports credit and debit cards in the USA and Canada, as well as ACH (direct bank withdrawal) in the USA.

Visualize your decision-making with

Texada Analytics

Texada Analytics is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that is designed to retrieve, analyze, transform, and visually display data from reports previously generated and stored in the Texada SRM database.

Plug and play visualizations

Our database experts have built standard visualizations specifically for the equipment rental business. In addition to the existing visualizations, users can also build custom visualizations.

Speed-up decision making

Texada Analytics gives managers the ability to quickly view their company’s and division’s performance at a glance.

Create new discussion

Given the ability to view your company at a glance raises questions on what the best practices are for business. Visual data uncovers questions that companies may not otherwise have ever asked.