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Maximize Technician Productivity and Save Up to One Million Dollars a Year

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For the heavy equipment industry, technician productivity is key. The impact of efficient utilization of these minutes directly correlates with revenue generation.

In the dynamic world of heavy equipment sales, service, and rental businesses, the quest to maximize technician productivity stands as a key driver of operational efficiency and revenue growth. Top organizations are discovering the transformative potential of leveraging technology to harness incremental pockets of technician time, revealing the profound impact these optimizations can yield on a company’s bottom line and overall technician productivity.

The Cost of Productivity Loss

Comprehensive Fleet Management Capabilities

Consider first that 15 minutes of non-revenue-generating time per technician, calculated at a $30 per hour pay rate, could equate to a business loss of $7.50 (or $750 for a team of 100 technicians) each day in expenses. 

Over the course of the year, the costs grow to over $15,000 a month, or almost $200,000 annually. These numbers may seem eye-watering on their own, but when potential revenue is considered, this number increases dramatically. 

“Let’s say the sell rate of a technician is $150 an hour,” estimated Paul Phillips, an equipment dealer expert with 32 years in the industry. “Divided by 60 minutes, that’s $2.50 a minute. If you are conservative and assume the average technician spends 15 minutes a day on non-revenue activities, that equals $7.50 a day in cost to the company. However, it’s $37.50 a day in potential revenue. Let’s just take an average of five days a week, four weeks, a month and you can see the cost of over $15,000 with over $75,000 of lost potential revenue monthly.”

With dealers losing out on over $75,000 per month on potential revenue, this adds up to nearly a million dollars each year. 

Optimizing Technician Productivity

While the numbers alone speak volumes about the significance of optimizing technician productivity, there’s even more value to be gained when a technician’s time is optimized. Productivity optimization can yield dividends in the way of team cohesion, reported job satisfaction, fewer sick days, and more. 

Learn more about optimizing productivity and  identifying the 16 most time-consuming activities, or “Minute Thieves” of heavy equipment technicians in the Maximize Technician Productivity white paper.

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