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Taking care of our kids education during COVID

Kids Education COVID

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Not only are our customers rental business operators, they are often moms and dads with children hungry for attention. In this time of social distancing and remote work, our customers have a responsibility to their business and their kids’ education while the family is stuck at home.

As a parent at Texada, I want to ensure that our customers know where to find online resources to keep their kids learning, especially in cities where schools have closed. Here is a comprehensive list of what we feel are the best sites to find online learning. Many of them have extended free trials at this time.

Much thanks to Betsy Brown Braun, who is an author and educator, and published much of the list here. We will continue to build on this list as we find more awesome online resources to educate and engage our children.

At Texada, we care deeply about lifelong learning, especially when it comes to children and how we can help them develop a growth mindset.



This image represents a small girl playing around

Here are some links to some insightful online art classes:


This is an image showing the chemicals in tubes

Here are some popular online chemistry courses: 


This image shows a bundle of paperwork - Document management platform

Here’s a fantastic civics course to learn how government works: 


This image shows a laptop keyboard - CRM for heavy equipment dealers

If your kids want to learn coding, these classes are excellent: 


This is an image of a jar with coins - Heavy Equipment Management software

Here is a great link to economics, investing and personal finance: 


This image shows machinary screws - Equipment Service Management Software

Here’s two links if your kids want to expand their engineering knowledge: 


This image shows a shelf with books

These are the best online resources for reading and writing


A kid writing on the copy - rental software for equipment

These are our favorite math and basic arithmetic links: 


An office space with neatly arranged desks and vibrant plants adding a touch of nature to the environment.

These online courses cover multiple educational topics: 


This is an image of a circuit box
This is an epic course for those interested in all things motion: 


Unleasing AI - Tech in heavy equipment industry

If you want to try some fun at-home experiments, here you go: 


This is an image of a girl with laptop on desk

This is the go-to class for social studies curriculum: 


This image shows a man working in a tab - Service Quoting Software

Here are some extra links that are more on the fun and entertaining side of things. They include things like doodling, cooking, videos and fighting general boredom.

Have fun with these group of online resources: 

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