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Top 5 rental product groups that support essential workers

Covid essential scaled - A man walking on the street

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While COVID continues to impact us all, construction has been deemed an “essential business” by many governments at this time. Still, many are feeling the pressure due to “stay at home” and self-quarantine orders. Job sites around the world are empty, leaving companies to scramble as projects are being delayed or canceled. 

We understand that not everyone can pivot during this time and rent assets outside of their existing equipment. However, if you are looking to invest in growing your inventory, here are the top five rental product groups that can support our essential workers. 


This is an image of portable sanitation in public
portable sanitation

One of the most effective ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus is to be staying germ-free. We’ve all been washing our hands with more frequency while singing “Happy Birthday” to exceed the minimum time needed to kill off germs. 

Portable sanitation is critical right now. 

These assets are popping up everywhere from job sites to grocery stores: 

  • Hand-sanitizing stands
  • Hand-washing stations
  • Restrooms and trailers
  • Showers
  • Porta-potty’s 


A man in a white suit and protective gear uses a vacuum to clean a room, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.
air scrubber in home

Like many viruses, COVID-19 particles can survive in the air. It can land on surfaces or spread from a cough or sneeze. Maintaining clean air is vital to stopping the spread of corona. 

Popular items related to air quality and filtration include: 

  • Air scrubbers 
  • Air conditioners 
  • Heaters
  • Dehumidifiers 
  • Fans and blowers


This image represent Safety seats industrial floor cleaning machines for workshop automatic floor scrubber
pl17557471 safety seats industrial floor cleaning machines for workshop automatic floor scrubber

With essential businesses making cleanliness a top priority, demand for industrial cleaning solutions has increased in many public spaces and manufacturing facilities. 

Here are items that customers could rent related to cleaning floors: 

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Pressure washers 
  • Ride-on sweepers
  • Floor scrubbers 
  • Floor scrapers


Near or at the top of the list are assets related to producing power in a pinch. 

These are pieces of equipment being used around the country to keep medical devices functional: 

  • Towable diesel generator 
  • Distribution panels
  • Load banks 
  • Portable generators 


This image shows white tent - Service Delivery Management
Tent and light tower

In areas with pop-up healthcare facilities, people are working around the clock on the front lines of this pandemic. Not much would get done in the dark. Temporary lighting is at a premium. 

These assets help keep makeshift sites well-lit: 

  • Light towers 
  • Work lights 
  • Fluorescent lights 


These assets might offer a temporary (or permanent) change in what types of items you rent. Depending on the current situation in your area, this type of shift may or may not make sense for your business. 

Please continue to stay safe, healthy and obedient. Each day brings with it a new set of circumstances. We’ll be sure to keep this updated and relevant to what we’re hearing. 

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