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How Bobcat Central Boosted Their Bottom Line with CRM

Sales leaders at Bobcat Central reveal how Texada’s Equipment CRM powers sales team productivity and optimization.


Headquartered in Stockton, California, Bobcat Central is an innovative and reliable heavy equipment dealer since 1976. Offering parts, service, rental, and sales of equipment, attachments, and trailers, Bobcat Central services industries in the area of construction, agriculture, landscaping, ground maintenance, and more.

Challenges to Business Growth

When Tim Cantu, Director of Sales, first started at Bobcat Central, he quickly realized they did not have a customer resource management (CRM) system that offered critical visibility and insights about their customers. Without a CRM, he knew the team risked the following challenges:

1. Diminished Sales Team Effectiveness
With a growing sales team, it was apparent that newer reps had no way to capitalize on knowledge from successful senior reps. Without the type of visibility provided by a CRM, coaching potential was limited.

2. Revenue Unpredictability
Incomplete customer and transaction information also limited revenue forecasting capabilities and hindered scalability. Without a CRM, the sales team could realistically only forecast revenue 1-2 months ahead and even then, the information was not familiar or easy to process.

3. Missed business opportunities
With a goal to expand their customer base, the organization wanted to maximize opportunity discovery. However, relying solely on existing relationships or incoming calls quickly limited growth of their business.

Finding The Right Fit With Texada Equipment CRM

After mishaps with smaller vendors, the team at Bobcat Central chose Texada SalesLink to support their organizational needs. They found that SalesLink helped them solve many of the concerns caused by a lack of CRM, and enabled them to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Time Savings
  • Easy to adopt
  • Quick Mobile access
  • Robust forecasting
  • Streamline campaign management

Benefits of SalesLink

1. Time-saving and relevant reporting capabilities

With a 360 degree view of all customers right at their fingertips, they can identify open opportunities to act quickly. Even better, voice-to-text reporting in mobile empowers sales reps to log activity in real time for enhanced accuracy.

2. Ease of use and functionality to fast track sales team adoption

With an intuitive yet comprehensive CRM solution, the team can quickly learn the ropes of the system to start availing the benefits. 

3. Mobile access reduces friction and wasted time while boosting accuracy

SalesLink Flex mobile app is particularly useful for sales reps who want to communicate with leads and log activity on the go. They can even locate nearby contacts to schedule appointments and demos with the Around Me feature!

4. Robust forecasting solves revenue unpredictability

A detailed, real-time view of leads, quotes, sales records, fleet information and territory details all contribute to visualizing  trends and quantifying estimated revenue that support business growth. 

5. Streamlined campaign management

With a full view of customers and prospects in their CRM, the sales team can now quickly identify untapped markets to grow their clientele. 

Next Steps

Going forward, Bobcat central aims to expand SalesLink adoption throughout the sales team and beyond, with a focus on leveraging the critical reporting capabilities, mobile resources, forecasting, and streamlined campaign management to drive best practices and identify areas of optimization.

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