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Getting the Right Customer Focus Makes Switching to SaaS Simple

A North American equipment rental business swaps out their disappointing solution for SaaS-based SRM.

When an equipment rental company deploys the wrong equipment business management software, it can be tough to admit the problem, reopen the search for solutions, and trust that the next product is going to work as expected. However, one organization found the right fit the second time around with Texada Software.

Making a Slow Start

A small rental equipment company located in North America with twenty employees selected a software application to manage their business. Unfortunately, eight months after implementation, their users were unhappy with the lack of support, training and overall usability of the solution. 

“The system was forcing users to duplicate efforts, cut and paste descriptions, and was cumbersome to use,” said the VP of Operations on the tool’s performance.

Company leadership contacted Texada seeking an alternative option and expressed frustration about a recent experience with their existing on-premises solution. 

“We knew we would be getting the right customer focus and attention from the Texada team,”

V.P. of Operations

The Switch to Texada Rental Management 

To improve rental management and avoid costly upfront server hardware expenses, the rental equipment business chose to move to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model with Texada Rental Management (SRM).

“Keeping a software implementation budget on track, and on time is the key focus of the Texada implementation team,” said the organization’s Director of Support Services.

The business cited a few specific elements that led to the success of the switch.

Customer Point of View: What Worked

  • The implementation project team at Texada had the project timeline and expectations defined and delivered at the beginning. 
  • Keeping the equipment rental business team informed during regular weekly meetings was essential for the project’s success. 
  • Supplying Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with the required data for the migration made the move to a new business application easy.
  • The Texada implementation team was onsite for all-use training and during the go-live process.

After implementation was complete, Texada’s in-house support staff had the ability to answer any questions quickly and correctly. 

“We knew we would be getting the right customer focus and attention from the Texada team,” said the VP of Operations. “This was the major reason we moved to an application supplied by Texada Software.”

Knowing help is a quick phone call or email away ensures that the team is confident they have the coverage they need to succeed, while the software itself has proven itself up to the task.

“Texada Rental Management’s flexibility goes above and beyond the required functionality for our business,” said the VP of Operations. 

With the equipment industry thriving, this twenty-strong rental powerhouse knows the decision to use Texada SRM will help grow their new business.

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