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WesTrac Expands Their Adoption of the Texada Platform

One of the largest authorised Cat® equipment dealers in the world boosts productivity with Texada sales automation.


Since 1990, WesTrac has set the benchmark in equipment management solutions, providing customers across Western Australia, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, with unrivalled support in the mining and construction industries.

As part of WesTrac’s commitment to creating and delivering outstanding value, they partnered with Texada in 2019 to deploy Texada’s CloudLink platform to solve key challenges across different areas of the business.

Challenges to Business Growth

WesTrac faced a series of challenges, primarily revolving around manual data collection processes within the organisation. The issue of missing and incorrect data, resulted in problems  across multiple areas, including:

Sales Pipeline Management: Inaccuracies in data made it difficult to effectively manage the sales pipelines across WesTrac. Sales leads were not captured effectively enough, impacting the ability to forecast and resource.

Equipment Monitoring: Equipment data was scattered across various systems, requiring multiple different logins, leading to inefficiencies. Manual manipulation of data also led to errors, hampering the review of machine health issues and the ability to generate accurate health insights.

Equipment and Service Quoting: The lack of standardised data meant it was taking a long time to prepare quotes. Manual maintenance of data across disparate systems caused inefficiencies and inhibited the ability to track and measure quote turnaround times.

Equipment Order and Deal Tracking: Approvals were cumbersome and required sales details to be manually captured from system to paper and vice versa. Duplication and maintenance of data across different systems led to misinterpretation of information, lost time and created errors through the fulfillment process.

Inventory Management: Ad hoc equipment tracking made it challenging for WesTrac to monitor equipment and attachments across various locations. Manual capture and updating of ETA dates were time-consuming and often resulted in poor visibility to machine arrivals.

Moreover, the team faced limitations due to a lack of system mobility, preventing effective capture of leads, opportunities, and customer interactions while offsite. Campaigns were managed without reliable analytics, and customer surveys were overlooked, leaving WesTrac unaware of valuable customer feedback.

The consequences of these challenges were significant. The team struggled to manage the customer journey, leading to diminished customer satisfaction and missed sales opportunities.

Recognising the need for a more comprehensive dealer management solution, Dan Matthews, IDS Product Manager at WesTrac, and his team sought to improve accuracy and efficiency across the organisation. They aimed to find a solution that would address WesTrac’s challenges and support the organisations growth objectives.

A Complete Sales Management Solution

WesTrac considered several different possibilities to solve known business challenges across customer data management and sales force effectiveness. With both customer and employee experience a key focus, the team wanted an outcome that was future-proof to ensure both efficacy and ease of use.

After a thorough review of available options, Matthews and his team partnered with Texada to deploy solutions for sales, including configure, price, quote (CPQ), and order to invoice automation, as well as equipment monitoring applications.

“Not only is the Texada solution integrated, but it is also intuitive,” Matthews said. “It’s cloud-based, so our teams can access it from any internet-based device. Having dedicated mobile capability was a huge part of our decision to partner with Texada as we are focused on ensuring that all team members have access to the right information, at the right time.”

Utilising Texada’s CloudLink platform, WesTrac developed and implemented standardised end-to-end processes for the management of customer interactions across all customer-facing business units for a clearer view of the entire customer journey.

By providing team members with a modern customer and sales platform with dedicated mobile capability, the business improved sales pipeline management which has helped to increase sales forecasting accuracy. In addition, WesTrac was able to significantly improve the process of collecting customer and equipment data to build a more accurate and robust view of enterprise information.

Real Results

As a result of implementing the Texada solution, WesTrac has enjoyed a 30 percent reduction in time from quote created to quote submitted over eight months, an 11 percent month on month increase in service quotes captured, and an eight percent increase in the win rate of submitted quotes using Texada.

Additionally, there was a five percent productivity increase for the new equipment sales teams, including sales reps and sales administrators.

One of the reasons for the accelerated results has been the employee adoption of the new tools, something on which the team focused and managed effectively. Matthews stresses the importance of this factor in the deployment.

“What we found is the teams which have successfully embraced the solutions are those that had high levels of involvement in the pre-deployment phase,” he commented. “These areas actively participated in testing and process validation, and they all had the opportunity to explore the sandbox and familiarise themselves before the actual deployment.”

To date, the organisation has over 1,500 distinct users nationally, with 830 active users per month on average and climbing, with a three percent month on month solution adoption rate.

Going Forward

Achieving strong results with Texada sales automation and enablement applications, WesTrac plans to now extend its Texada investment to its service business.

“We are excited for the next phase of our partnership which will see the Texada platform extended to our service operations in what will be an impactful rollout for WesTrac,” Matthews said. “The key benefits for WesTrac’s adoption of the Texada service management solution will include efficiency for service technicians and growth across the business.”

WesTrac is looking forward to continuing their business growth with Texada Software. Learn more about Texada dealer equipment management solutions at

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