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Returning to Texada

After trying other solutions, the president of a North American equipment rental and sales business returns to Texada Software.

A seasoned professional in the business of renting and selling new and used equipment and President of a small North American equipment company found himself once again at the helm of his own organization. With the power to select and deploy the solutions of his choosing, a user-friendly system for equipment business management was at the top of his list of must-haves.

“When I started 12 or 13 years ago, we used Texada SRM,” he said, of his history with the purpose-built Texada solution. “Then, we were acquired by a major company that used a different system. Later on, we were acquired again by another company that used something else. As soon as I decided I was opening up my own business, the choice was obvious. After all these years of being away, I went right back to Texada. It’s much more user-friendly.”

An Inventory of Critical Capabilities

A key aspect to managing the business effectively is maintaining sound inventory control. Texada Rental Management (SRM) helps the organization to track inventory by categorizing pieces of equipment so that they can be located quickly.

“I can find out what units are available without a lot of searching,” said the company president. “I can also see where the units are and anticipate off-dates on other rentals I will need in the future. Texada SRM is a very accommodating system.”

His team also relies on the reporting feature to stay on top of business activities.

“I definitely use my inventory reports for inventory out and inventory on-hand, my billing to date, daily billings, customer sales per month and revenue per month,” he said. “I deal with a lot of re-rentals and the reporting helps me to focus on where I need to be on my incomes over a month period.”

Customer Point of View: What Worked

  • The ability to track inventory by categorizing pieces of equipment for fast location which helps to maintain sound inventory control.
  • Reporting features to assist the team in staying on top of business activities.
  • The helpful Texada Client Services group responds quickly to issues.
  • Ease of sending invoice and other documentation to customers.

The Texada Client Services team helps to keep the business running smoothly.

“When I do run into any problems, such as a power failure or error on my part, I find the Texada tech support is very good at getting back to me right away. Even if there is a problem outside of the services that Texada provides, they try to accommodate me,” he said.

Another feature the equipment business leader pointed out as a major benefit to his organization was the software’s ability to send information to customers.

“What’s nice about the software—a real bonus for us—is being able to send out documents like invoices, packing slips and contracts to customers.

Looking Forward to Success

Based on his past positive experience, this business leader chose Texada to manage inventory control and run accurate reports for his own organization.

“I believe in Texada SRM,” he said. “It’s going to help me grow my company.”

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