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Texada Mobile

A Work Order and Logistics Platform for Increasing Communication and Productivity for Service Departments

Texada Mobile enhances workforce productivity with mobile work orders, delivery tickets, and dispatch console.

This is the FleetLogic product suite on desktop, tablet and mobile.

What’s available in Texada Mobile

Mobile work orders

Pick-up & delivery tickets

In-yard returns


Digital rental board

Dashboard calendar

Discover How Texada Mobile is Benefiting Service Teams Just Like Yours!

You co-ordinate a service team. So you know getting field teams where they need to be, when they need to be there can be a difficult task. If relying on phone calls and sticky notes just doesn’t cut it anymore then you are just like Tim. Watch Tim’s story to find out how Tim solved his paper problems!

Tim was able to say goodbye to:

  • Late Work Orders
  • Sloppy Handwriting
  • Double Data-Entry
  • Hectic Dispatching

Top Texada Mobile Benefits

Job status in real-time

If a customer calls you right now, can you tell them the status of their job without having to put them on hold?

Determine if the job is assigned, in-progress, or completed in a matter of seconds. Your team to provides better customer service with real-time visibility.

Keep it in the cloud

Using cloud based storage allows you and your team to access information from anywhere. PC, Mac, or tablet, doesn’t matter. When you need it, you can get connected.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

You can capture pictures of an asset anytime you are transporting or working on it.  Handy for proof of delivery, condition and time of delivery, or for documenting upgrades in the work order process.

This picture can then be recalled in the case of a delivery dispute with a customer.

No connection, no problem

Offline mode allows you to complete your work orders even when you don’t have a WiFi connection. Automatically syncing any offline work to the dashboard when reconnected.

Mobile Work Orders

Texada Mobile screen mockup

Accurate information at every step

The difference between ordering part number G0B2-01 vs 6O8Z-OL can mean more downtime, and less fleet usage.  With access to the parts catalog on the mobile device the mechanic can ensure the right part is ordered the first time.

No more time wasted trying to decipher scribbled notes!

In-depth inspections in less time

You have a variety of assets and they have unique needs. With customizable inspection forms, make sure you are always reporting all the details of specific assets. Create individual asset type inspection forms to streamline the data capture and guarantee you never miss a detail.

Pass around the info, not the paper

When a service manager assigns a work order to a technician, it instantly appears on the mobile device.   The technician sees all the information they need to complete the task. Adding labor, parts and notes is only a tap away.

Once they are done they tap complete and the work order is ready for billing.

Click-to-pocket dispatching

Quickly dispatch your team in a matter of clicks. Assign work orders right from the dispatch screen to your service tech’s pocket at any time.

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Digital Pick-Up & Delivery Tickets


Custom inspections & check lists

Assessing the state of assets on pick-up allows you to determine if an asset is ready for immediate re-rental or needs maintenance. Mobile allows you to attach customized inspection forms and check lists for drivers to complete on delivery and pick-up.

Conducting asset inspections can save you on equipment downtime and be valuable in customer disputes over damage claims.

Proof of delivery

Your driver unloaded an asset at a customer site a week ago, when he goes back to pick up the asset it is damaged. The customer claims that is how it was delivered and are now disputing the invoices. The only proof that you have is a signature that confirms the asset was delivered.

By capturing a combination of pictures and digital signatures attached to the delivery ticket, you are able to quickly end the dispute and appropriately bill the customer.

Close tickets faster

The ability to close tickets quickly and accurately allows you to better manage your fleet. Providing you with in-depth information on asset condition while the asset is still in transit. Empowering you to make decisions sooner and allocate resources more efficiently.

Boost billing speed

With immediate access to pick-up tickets your office team is able to close out contracts faster and bill customers sooner.

In-Yard Returns

Fully process customer returns from the yard

Improve your customers experience returning assets by checking-in the assets, completing asset inspections, and sending digital receipts, all while the customer is still in the yard without having to go into the office.



Ready to rent inspection

Are you checking assets when they are returned or when they are next needed for a contract? In-yard returns provide your team with an easy to complete inspection form to complete when an asset is dropped off before returning it to the yard. This reduces the risk of unexpected equipment downtime that cuts into your profits.


View contract details from the yard

When processing a return from the yard it is important to make sure everything is being returned. That is why your team needs access to the contracts to make sure all the appropriate accessories are being returned before the contract is closed out in the office.

Finding contracts is simple, search by; customer, asset, or contract number.

In the Field and in the Office

Texada Mobile

Enhances workforce productivity with mobile work orders, tickets, returns, and more

  • Helps employees efficiently manage their workflow through a familiar, intuitive interface
  • Provides instant access to equipment/asset location, status, history, photos, and notes
  • Replaces tedious, manual inspections, reduces data entry errors, and replaces it with faster, more accurate mobile inspections
  • Enables quick capture, annotation, and sharing of equipment photos

Texada Web

Effortlessly manage job allocation from any computer or mobile browser

  • Enable rapid, efficient dispatching though the easy to use web portal
  • Save time and money on printing, by immediately “pushing” work assignments to your employees’ mobile devices
  • Reduce back and forth communication by viewing latest status of field service and repairs
  • Enhance the customer experience by easily collecting digital signatures

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