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THINK! Wireless

THINK! Wireless’ unique advantage is their flexibility and ability to provide simple, easy-to-use applications that exceed the needs of any business. They develop, implement, and distribute electronic monitoring and tracking systems for any business. They can track virtually any mobile device, black box, or asset. We can work with any cellular network, with virtually any device.

The Activate Company

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Activate OS, is a fully-integrated operating system that construction equipment owners, dealers and rental companies use to maximize their equipment’s uptime, performance and productivity.

Activate OS helps companies integrate all of their disparate management systems and telematics data into a single dashboard, so they can easily manage.


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Gauge is a leading Indianapolis-based provider of innovative cloud-based global fleet tracking and equipment management solutions for heavy construction, government and fire and water restoration industries. For the past decade, Gauge has been committed to helping heavy construction companies find new ways to manage their assets while reducing costs, boosting productivity, improving safety and security, and maximizing their return on capital investments.


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VizaLogix is a Hub of Engagement Layers designed to enhance the interactions between customers, teams, & systems. Our Solutions integrate effortlessly with your ERP/CRM without disruptions.

VizaLogix’s TethrIT Now: Provide remote technical support through AR & video technology. Seamlessly guide users with AR overlays, cut down on unnecessary truck rolls, enhance first-time fix rates, & improve customer experience. Experience efficiency with TethrIT!


Inauro is an Australian real-time data fusion company that leverages data from IoT devices, digital forms, ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems to create value in operational workflows. Leveraging a cutting-edge data fusion platform, Perspio™, Inauro specializes in providing real-time awareness and recommendations for operational teams to make better decisions.


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Kenect builds simple texting tools that are elegant and easy-to-use. Thousands and thousands of companies across North America use Kenect’s platform to text their customers, generate online reviews, gather leads from their websites, video chat, and collect payments.


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Trackunit is the leading SaaS-based IoT solution for the construction industry, offering an ecosystem of hardware, fleet management software & telematics. Learn more about the Texada telematics integration today.