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Put Your Data to Work

Extract, assess, and visually present equipment rental analytics from reports generated and stored in the Texada SRM database.


From Insights to Action

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide and support decision-making using high-performance dashboards for business intelligence, rental analytics, and visual reporting.

Texada Analytics for Business Intelligence


Customize Views

Leverage available plug-and-play data visualizations created specifically for the equipment rental industry by database experts, or create and save custom views as needed.


Insights That Matter

Examine currency and time utilization for various classes and groups. Filter by date and additional criteria. Access in-depth information on asset status, invoice history, and more.

Visualizations that show the status for your entire fleet in real-time. Asset status insights can be filtered by division.

Display the average revenue and average expense for a group. Assets can be compared with different products in a specified group.

View the average rental rate by rate code for individual groups. Average rentals reports can be filtered by division.

Visualize how much of the original equipment cost (OEC) was on contract for a given period in time for different classes and groups. OEC on contract insights can be filtered by date.

Gain visualizations to show revenue generated by invoice, both sale and rental. Sorted by division and date, the invoice history views include revenue heat maps.

Easily display the current payable amounts. Accounts payable reports can be segmented by division and vendor name.

Access visualizations showing the current receivable amounts. Accounts receivable views can be filtered by division, bill name, and age balance.

Quickly show the breakdown of general ledger components. General ledger reports are available by division.

Texada Analytics: Put Your Data to Work