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A Powerful and Secure Payments Solution to Optimize Transactions

Texada Pay will allow for effortless payment transactions at your equipment rental shop. Payment processing with be faster, more accurate, and easier than ever!

Process Payments Effortlessly Across Your Business

Instead of manually entering the invoice amounts into your machine, the customer entering their card, and then you having to enter this payment into Texada SRM, this all happens at the click of a button.


Customer Card on File

Tired of chasing customers for payments on late invoices?  With Texada Pay card on file you can capture payment information and keep it on file for future usage.

Auto-Pay and Recurring Payments

With Auto-Pay you can now save a card to a cash customer and use that card on invoices, during rental return, or even in cycle billing. This is great for customers who prefer to pay later, but don’t want the hassle of filling our credit application forms, plus you get paid right away!

Competitive Processing Fees

Texada Pay offers competitive processing fees for both when the customer is in front of you (card present) and when they customer is no longer there (card not present), and direct bank withdrawals (direct debit).

Supported Payment Types

Texada Pay will support credit and debit cards in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as ACH (direct debit) in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Texada Pay Powered by Global Payments

To provide our customers with a smooth payment processing experience, we have partnered with Global Payments to provide Texada Pay.

Backed by industry leading payment processing technology, Texada Pay includes more than meets the eye:

 Credit Cards
ACH / Direct Debit
Virtual Terminal
Customer Portal
Decline Minimizer


 Debit Cards
Offline Processing
Easy Reconcilliation 
Recurring Payments

Are you ready to optimize transactions with Texada Pay?

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