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Part One: A Practical Guide for Leaders

Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Heavy Equipment Rental & Sales Businesses – Part One

This image represents Texada white paper - talking about AI for heavy equipment rental business and sales

Unlock the true potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in heavy equipment sales, service, and rental with key principles and strategies for effective implementation and five recommended use cases.

In this helpful white paper developed for equipment business leaders, Ben Cox, Chief Product Officer at Texada Software, shares his measured, customer-centric approach to AI for equipment dealerships and rental businesses alike.

Download the White Paper

With this 7 page white paper, equipment business leaders will be able to: 

    • Understand the three key principles of AI for equipment sales, service, and rental business leaders
    • Learn about five real-life AI use cases tailored to equipment businesses
    • Gain an understanding of the potential of AI through expert insight, statistics, and more


Ben Cox, Chief Product Officer at Texada Software

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