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Rental Management Software That Grows With Your Business

Why leading rental businesses partner with Texada: 

  • Intuitive and modern UI for accelerated counter operations
  • Powerful mobile and eSignature capabilities, including offline functionality
  • Integrated eCommerce, accounting, and analytics
  • Purpose-built for the heavy equipment industry with 35+ years of industry experience

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Scale Your Rental Business

Simplify Rentals and Sales

Reduce double entry by having all data in one central platform.

Optimized Operations

Where and how your rental team spends their time is important criteria for success in both revenue generation and customer relationships

Secure Payment Processing

Improve cashflow with integrated payments and cycle billing.

Get a Clear View from the Shop to the Site

Texada Software shares data across your entire business, giving you a complete view of customer interactions – wherever they happen.

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Software That Fuels Growth

Keep service records for your equipment, generate estimates for servicing customer equipment, schedule routine maintenance, and more.


Why Our Customers Chose Us


Texada Rental Management works for our company!


  • Ease of operation
  • Teachable to new employees
  • Great record keeping as I go into a history of items almost daily

John S. Owner/Partner,
Construction Industry

Trowelx Rentals and Sales

“Everybody at Texada seemed to be just as dedicated as we were to making sure that we get transitioned over with as minimal hassle as possible. We don’t have to worry about our server going down. All our data is safe on redundantly backed up servers and we have had zero interruption.”

Curtis Nickason

Systems Administrator, Trowelex