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2023 Year in Review

This image represents Texada Year in review 2023

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Table of Content

This is Ben Cox, Chief Product Officer here at Texada Software, sharing a recap of products and features we’ve launched in 2023! This past year, we focused on improving both our products and platforms – this includes improved web and mobile app experiences, updated integrations, and growing functionality in our core products. We also completed a substantial upgrade to our infrastructure, ensuring faster and more reliable performance.  

We also paid a lot of attention to quality this year which ensured that our latest releases in 2023 were 3X better in quality than our releases earlier in the year. Our efforts in these areas have resulted in growing platform value, and we are committed to continuing this trend in 2024 and beyond.  


Our goals for the Sales Suite this year was to support your business growth with self-service options and advanced integrations with OEMs and other critical systems. 

SalesLink & SalesLink Flex

  • Multiple performance improvements – Introduced updates such as speeding up the advanced search area to help you save time. 
  • Improved system integration with API enhancements – These updates facilitate seamless and efficient interactions with your other business systems, such as adding the quote number to the competitive info endpoint. This enhancement helps improve automation and reduces the need for duplicate data entry. 


  • Simplified local item upload via API – Fetch, create, update and delete Local Items via API! This feature empowers you to quote the full suite of products you provide to your customers, all with self-service.
  • Additional configurability – Better tailor your quoting system to your unique needs with configuration options such as showing the part numbers of local items in your quotes. 

Customer Order to Invoice

  • Added Exception reports to COTI – Indicates which deals need priority attention and action – focusing your teams on what is most important.


ServiceLink & ServiceLink Flex

  • Updated functionality – We’ve rolled out a number of new enhancements that make the product easier to use and more flexible for your business: A new “Review Completed” status authorizes certain security roles to review Work Order Segments after completion. Another new feature users can leverage is automatically creating an inspection segment for new tickets created in ServiceLink or the Equipment Monitoring Toolkit. In ServiceLink Flex, the ability to submit Work Order labor using hours (instead of a start time and end time) is now available.
  • Offline functionality for Mobile app – Quickly manage your work in areas with little to no connectivity 
  • Improved support for coordinate-based dropbox locations – Added new functionality to capture a dropbox’s latitude and longitude coordinates, allowing users to pinpoint its exact location on the map. No more hunting for a dropbox by address!

Condition Monitoring Portal

  • Assign a Case to an Existing Lead – Ensure seamless transition from condition monitoring alerts to actionable items by assigning it to a lead – connecting your teams.
  • Assign a CC user for Lead creation – Optimize cross functional coordination by quickly assigning an alternate person to the lead in situations where the assigned user is unavailable.


You heard – we listened! We released a range of improvements such as:

Web Platform Enhancements

  • Improved Web Experience – Introduced User Defined Fields to the contracts module in the web platform to enable tracking essential data
  • New functionality in Contracts – Improved Contract handling by simplifying exchanges, off-rent settings, and draft saving
  • Parts Management – Made inventory management more user-friendly by enabling users to extract clear insights from the costs associated with work order parts and more!

Mobile App Enhancements

For our mobile users, our main priority this year was supporting on-the-go efficiency. Therefore, our enhancements were centered on providing functionality to save time and optimize work. 

  • Location Insights – Introduced location-based insights, including location filtering capability, in the mobile app for in-yard returns, deliveries, pickup tickets and work orders. 
  • Intuitive Visual Layout – Easy-to-use layout was rolled out to support easier adoption of our mobile solution.
  • Introducing E-Signature – Users can now use e-signature functionality on delivery tickets to eliminate delays and enhance the overall customer experience. 

Texada GateWay/eCommerce

  • Simplified e-commerce experience – We made image configuration and invoice management more user-friendly. 
  • Enhanced user experience – New functionality improvement now supports the ability to download multiple invoices as one PDF file

Improved Functionality

  • Expanded API library to improve system integrations and provide a more seamless experience. 

What’s Next?

Not only was 2023 a big year for us but we are geared up to start 2024 with a bang! We have exciting plans to further integrate our suite of tools across sales, service, and rental,  roll out new AI functionality, develop more APIs and integrations for other systems you use, and add analytics capabilities across our Equipment Business Management suite.

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