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Why Practice Sustainable Solutions?


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The Business Case for Sustainable Practices

In today’s environmentally conscious climate, it is crucial for one’s firm to encourage the practice of sustainable business decisions. Not only will your company be contributing to sustainability efforts, but there are other benefits as well. In a study that surveyed more than 53,000 U.S. consumers, the Natural Marketing Institute discovered that 58 percent of consumers consider a company’s impact on the environment when making buying choices and are more likely to purchase from companies that practice sustainable habits.

That carries over to a market composed of approximately 68 million Americans who favor firms that possess positive track records in personal, social, and environmental values. The National Marketing Institute also discovered that these 68 million Americans are willing to spend up to 20% more on a product if they trust that it came from an environmentally sound and sustainable firm. That’s a major market, and that’s only one of the major benefits that come along with implementing sustainable practices.

Some argue that the implementation of such sustainable practices are rather expensive. The reality, however, is the opposite. Efficient operation is a key component in the development and implementation of sustainable business practices. Streamlining your workflow and conserving resources while empowering employees to be more productive are all crucial parts of sustainable business, but they also lower your costs. Some examples of simple low-cost sustainability strategies can be as simple as turning off unnecessary lights and insulating walls, while more sophisticated efforts include installing geothermal heating and cooling systems. More elaborate solutions require more initial capital to implement but produce big savings in the long run.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Sustainable Practices and Texada

Sustainable business practices can be implemented by firms to give them a competitive advantage and enhance their brand image and equity. But most rental companies are held back from tapping into those advantages due to their paper filing and tracking system. But don’t worry– the Texada Suite can help. Thanks to our completely paperless solutions and robust record storage, accounting, and inspection functionality, the transition to digital has never been easier.

Even better, Texada WorkFlow is distinctly designed to optimize business processes while making them accessible on all mobile devices. The platform comes with a wide array of applications you can use to start streamlining your processes, and if your business needs something new and distinct to reach your sustainability goals, we can create an app tailored specifically for you!

Ditching your paper processes, optimizing your business operations, and making yourself more appealing in the market through sustainable practices? Sounds like a win-win-win to us!

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