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This image represents Texada software Calendar Dashboard

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What is the Dashboard Calendar?

The Dashboard Calendar is the place where all your contracts, reservations, work orders, pickups, deliveries, and tasks are displayed together, showcasing a timeline of events as they happen in calendar format. Breathe a sigh of relief when you’re able to view all the important information about your equipment and customers at a glance. With the ability to customize and filter your view, only the information relevant to your business is displayed.

What problem does the Calendar solve?

Staying on top of commitments requires a lot of coordination and remains one of the biggest challenges for most rental companies. With the Dashboard Calendar, you can plan your operation strategy in real-time by keeping an eye on your upcoming commitments. The Dashboard Calendar can effectively replace the physical whiteboard that most rental companies use in their shop, while simultaneously eliminating the need to manually update your schedule throughout the day. Managers can easily understand the workload for the day or week, track live progress and view details about any of the transactions taking place. This is one big step closer to Texada’s vision of making rentals easy and instant for everyone.

Who in your company would use the Calendar?

The calendar is flexible and provides value to multiple roles within a rental company. Whether you’re a counter operator tracking reservations and contracts, a service manager scheduling outbound calls, or a coordinator in charge of pickups and deliveries, the calendar is the tool to use. Any document bound by a deadline is covered by this screen, and can be optionally turned on or off. Managers also benefit from the Dashboard Calendar, as they’re given a birds-eye view across the entire company.

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