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Texada Software rebrands during global health crisis saying, “Now more than ever, we’re Powerful Together”

Texada Software

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If you’re familiar with Texada (or if you’ve known us a while, SYSTEMATIC), then you might have noticed we have had a few different logos over the years. 

We occasionally dig up our “logo graveyard” when we’re reminiscing about 36 years we’ve been in business, which always leads us back to where we are now, and we’re heading next. 

This image represents the equipment rental business logo graveyard

We retired some iconic looks, but they all tell part of the story behind the Texada brand identity. 

Logos can hold a special place in our minds because they take us back to a specific time in our lives. We’re nostalgic in general. 

Since we’re being honest…

It’s always tough to make a deliberate choice to move forward and head in a different direction. 

But for Texada, it was time

Even though we changed our logo a few years ago, it lacked a level of cohesion we wanted to convey. There was too much going on in the way of colors and design that it was distracting. 

This image talks about Texada ribbon logo

We came to realize that a futuristic space gradient and “We Invent the Future” tagline focused on the wrong part of our story.

Where do we go next?

Long before the COVID-19 outbreak, we had been thinking deeply about what we believe to be true about the rental industry and our place in it.

Here’s what we believe: 

  • Equipment rental is a community-focused industry that continues to grow by promoting mutual trust and respect
  • Our team is driven by our mission to make work easy and instant
  • For 35+ years Texada/Systematic’s purpose has always been to blend practical experience with powerful technology solutions

Part of the process was finding a simpler, unique way to communicate “who we are” to our customers and the outside world.

That led us on a creative adventure that culminated at CONEXPO in Las Vegas, where we officially launched our new branding!

This image talks about KJ aleks

We decided that CONEXPO, North America’s largest construction show, was the perfect place to unveil our new logo. So, we unboxed our fresh booth display and wore a new logo on our sleeve.

Brandon Matthews
Digital Marketing Manager

This image represents Texada branding update

Now more than we ever imagined, Powerful Together represents our commitment to getting through the hard times as a community and accelerating productivity in the face of adversity. 

We hope the classic, clean look grows on you.

Let us know what you think!


This image represents texada signature

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