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Texada Wins Google YouTube Works Award

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Texada is thrilled to announce that our team was awarded a 2019 Google + YouTube Works award for our Ghost Expungers and Lord of the Rentals video advertising campaigns.

YouTube Works Award Winner

Texada was on hand to accept their 2019 YouTube Works award in Toronto. The awards highlight innovation and effectiveness in advertising on the Google platform. 

Kantar, a data insight consultancy, has partnered with Google to recognize and champion brands that deliver measurable results through creativity and strategic thinking.

A panel of Canadian advertising experts judged campaigns on three criteria to determine the category winners:

  1. Storytelling
  2. Business results
  3. Successfully using YouTube as a platform

Texada is honored to accept this award and grateful to share the spotlight with other global brands including Ikea, A&W, Xfinity, Clorox and Samsung.

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“We’re extremely humbled to be recognized by Google. Both of these projects were incredibly fun to be a part of. We felt like there was something special brewing, but even in our wildest dreams, we weren’t expecting these type of results. We can’t wait to get back to the drawing board and crank more of these out.” 

– Brandon Matthews, Digital Marketing Manager

Texada’s Advertising Campaign

The product explainer videos for two of Texada’s offerings, RentalLogic and FleetLogic, were what caught Google’s eye. Both videos are lighthearted “spoofs” of two Hollywood box office classics, Ghostbusters and Lord of the Rings

Ghost Expungers takes viewers on a ride along with Grayson Waters, a seasoned ghost removal service tech. In this typical work day, Greyson uses FleetLogic to document paranormal activity while completing his work orders. 

Lord of the Rentals highlights the daily life of enchanted items rental shop owner Cornelius Hempwick. Cornelius demonstrates how RentalLogic helps manage his business everyday while hundreds of adventurers visit his shop in search of enchanted items.  

Justin Yngelmo produced and directed both videos. The Texada team can’t express enough gratitude to Justin for his efforts and creativity. The final products speak for themselves and the team is excited to work together on future projects. 

To date, the videos have a combined total of 2.5 million views on YouTube!

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