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What is RentalLogic?

RentalLogic is a cloud-based software application designed to maximize productivity for rental businesses. With similar functions to SRM, RentalLogic scales with businesses by simplifying the core parts of your rental management operation.

RentalLogic will:

  • Capture reservations 
  • Manage inventory availability 
  • Streamline contracts
  • Invoice generation 
  • Complete rental returns 
  • Handle payment processing 

Additional modules such as work order management, e-commerce store, and integration with a company’s accounting software are also available to scale RentalLogic’s capabilities.

Simplify the Rental Process with RentalLogic

RentalLogic was born from the ideas and input of current and prospective customers. RentalLogic has refined the classic SRM experience into a new solution optimized for small to mid-sized rental operations.

RentalLogic simplifies your businesses rental management processes so that getting daily work done is faster and easier for everyone from the counter operator to the management team.

The Future of RentalLogic

Texada has plans to release RentalLogic to new and existing customers in the summer of 2018.

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