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THINK! Wireless

THINK! Wireless’ unique advantage is their flexibility and ability to provide simple, easy-to-use applications that exceed the needs of any business. They develop, implement, and distribute electronic monitoring and tracking systems for any business. They can track virtually any mobile device, black box, or asset. We can work with any cellular network, with virtually any device.


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SwiftCount is the inventory management tool of hundreds of retail, e-commerce and distribution businesses around the world. SwiftCount created a fast and simple software platform that makes handling inventory as efficient and friendly as possible, starting at the warehouse operation level, the roots of it all, to the multi-channel distribution.


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INTEGRIM manages digital business processing and transformation for all types of financial documents, creating seamless connections to various ERP solutions. Compatible with the most comprehensive range of document formats, INTEGRIM solutions make information sharing easier, while automating workflow for a broad spectrum of users.


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In 2001 SATISFYD delivered one of the industry’s first cloud based Customer Experience Management platform.

SATISFYD gives clients the ability to view their results, reports and insights, on-demand, across the enterprise and in many different languages while still ensuring the required security to protect client data.


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Convirza uses speech recognition technology and sophisticated algorithms to gauge lead quality, measure conversions and take action with fully-baked marketing automation. They help sophisticated marketers make better decisions, improve close rates and customer experience while increasing revenue. They track and analyze calls to understand caller intent and behaviour.

The Activate Company

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Activate OS, is a fully-integrated operating system that construction equipment owners, dealers and rental companies use to maximize their equipment’s uptime, performance and productivity.

Activate OS helps companies integrate all of their disparate management systems and telematics data into a single dashboard, so they can easily manage.


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Frenter bridges the gap between all your equipment data and operations. Frenter’s powerful GPS, Geofencing, Maintenance and Analytics modules work seamlessly with your existing tools to help you get the most out of your equipment.

The Daniel Group

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The Daniel Group helps OEMs and value-added distributors measure, manage, and improve customer experience. Since 2005, we have successfully helped companies such as Navistar, AGCO, Okuma, and approximately 80% of the Caterpillar dealers in North America improve the experiences for their customers.

BMTS Intranet Inc.

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BMTS Intranet Inc. has been providing web based service solutions for Caterpillar DBS dealers since 2006.Since that time, BMTS proven solutions have helped Caterpillar dealers maximize their investment in DBS, by providing a robust, user-friendly interface for the DBS Service and Warranty functionality.


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Gauge is a leading Indianapolis-based provider of innovative cloud-based global fleet tracking and equipment management solutions for heavy construction, government and fire and water restoration industries. For the past decade, Gauge has been committed to helping heavy construction companies find new ways to manage their assets while reducing costs, boosting productivity, improving safety and security, and maximizing their return on capital investments.