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EQUIPPED24: Why You Must Attend!

Tune into this webinar to get a sneak peek at what the Texada team has in store for Equipped24, which will be hosted this year on the Riverwalk in San Antonio! Get a glimpse at the welcome reception and offsite event, our keynote speakers and breakout sessions, as well as the new and improved Expert Lounge, where Texada product experts will be on-site to answer questions and provide guidance.

How AI is Impacting the Rental Industry Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Join Josh Nickell, Vice President of ARA’s Equipment/Event segment, and Adam Kropf, Texada’s Senior Director of Product, for an insightful discussion on AI’s role in the equipment rental industry. Explore AI’s potential to streamline operations and the current transformations in business functions. Delve into the future of the rental industry and discover how digital technology can drive growth in your equipment rental business.

Realistic Expectations & Where the Real Return Lies in CRM

Join heavy equipment advisor Zach Hetterick for an in-depth discussion on CRM. Explore what CRM truly entails, common implementation challenges, and how to leverage CRM effectively to drive growth in your heavy equipment dealership. Gain valuable insights from a trusted industry expert!

Driving Rental Growth in Your Dealership

Discover the keys to rental success with Adam Kropf, one of Texada’s rental management experts. Learn how modern rental management solutions can fuel growth in your dealership. Explore topics including the importance of rental now, measuring rental success, and best practices to drive rental growth. Accelerate your heavy equipment dealership’s success—watch now!

Mastering the Art of Your Rental Fleet Mix

Unlock the secrets of rental fleet optimization with Texada! Learn how our rental management solutions empower you to make informed decisions about asset acquisition. Discover how to track missed rentals, re-rentals, and substitutions, and optimize your re-rental process. Take control of your rental business—watch now!

ServiceLink Flex: Managing the Minute Thieves

Reclaim your time with ServiceLink Flex! Discover how this innovative, mobile based solution helps your heavy equipment dealership efficiently manage onsite and field jobs, complete field reports, fast track work orders and reduce administrative tasks. You can finally say goodbye to wasted time with ServiceLink Flex.

Meet Texada Analytics

Unlock the potential of Texada Analytics for your equipment rental business in our insightful demo. Explore our integrated solution for report visualization and development, including out-of-the-box data visualizations and custom visualization basics. Elevate your data game—join us now!

Technician Productivity: Minutes Matter

Learn how to maximize equipment technician productivity in your equipment dealership with insights from Paul Phillips, a seasoned expert with 32 years in the dealer industry. Discover practical strategies to make every minute count and boost your bottom line. Don’t miss out—tune in now!

Optimize Your Payment Process with Texada Pay

Join our 30-minute webinar to learn how Texada Pay can simplify your payment process. Led by Adam Kropf, discover how this integrated solution streamlines transactions, automates payments, simplifies invoicing, and enables self-service payments in your equipment rental business. Watch now to enhance your payment efficiency!