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Texada Software has partnered with TARGIT to provide advanced business intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions to a host of industrial markets.

The newest TARGIT business intelligence accelerator (BIA) was created exclusively for the Texada platform, with a pre-built, custom infrastructure, out-of-the-box reporting features, and robust analytics dashboards that update in real time to offer best-of-breed solutions for business analytics.

A Seamless Experience

Equipment businesses can use BIA to connect the TARGIT Decision Suite to Texada solutions quickly and easily.

“Without the right tools, analyzing your data takes months,” said Boe Pedersen, Director of Professional Service, Americas TARGIT. “Incorporating it with external sources takes even longer.”

However, with this partnership, organizations can eliminate months of set-up time and hours of manual reporting with a user-friendly BI solution that delivers value from day one.

Redefining Analytics for Rental Houses

TARGIT leveraged decades of heavy equipment and rental experience to combine the power of TARGIT Decision Suite with a solution that jumpstarts BI initiatives and puts your data within reach.

Gain complete visibility across operations including:

Implement a pre-built BI system and use our recommended metrics to start tracking the most impactful performance metrics for your rental business.

Unify Dealer Data Sources

Connect disparate data sources and legacy management systems through TARGIT InMemory to create a comprehensive view of your equipment dealership’s data. Then, leverage dashboards and reports in the TARGIT Decision Suite to share high-value insights with everyone on your team.

Turn Insights into Action

Eliminate hours of manual reporting and keep critical data from falling through the cracks with a real-time dashboard.

Dashboards give organizations the power to study trends, improve data-driven forecasting, and make smarter business decisions.

“TARGIT’s BIA for Texada offers pre-built reports, multi-source integrations, and more to deliver ROI in weeks instead of months,” said Pedersen.

The recent partnership is just another way that Texada Software can get your business equipped for success. Learn more about the TARGIT partnership or contact us for a product demonstration today.

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