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Unmask the Minute Thieves at Your Dealership

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Is your dealership leaving money on the table? While losing a few minutes here and there might not seem to put a dent in your bottom line, it can really add up over time. Check out this helpful infographic about these menial tasks that take up your team’s time– also known as Minute Thieves.

2024 Dealer Digest

This image represents Rental business Dealer Digest

Find out how digitization affects the heavy equipment market and the key choices that leading businesses to thrive.

Industry experts Ron Slee and Matt Harris examine some of the real-world issues facing equipment dealers, leaders, and teams.

Through customer conversations and industry insight, the two provide practical advice and strategies to stay ahead of the game.

Powering Growth with CRM: The Backbone of Your Dealership

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If equipment dealerships are a complex puzzle, CRM systems are the missing piece for unlocking success. This is why grasping the core concepts of CRM systems has become paramount in a modern dealership. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems act as the cornerstone in ‘CRM system management,’ catalyzing success and nurturing enduring relationships. Let’s delve deeper […]

The Value of Sharing Data Across Your Equipment Business

Texada Blog

Organizations seeking to improve equipment business profitability and operational efficiency are discovering the value of sharing data across their rental, dealership, and servicing departments. Traditionally, equipment businesses have operated in silos, with each department working independently. This can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities, negatively impacting profitability. How might sharing data help streamline operations throughout the business?