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Six Elements Your Rental Software Needs To Boost Profits

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As the famous entrepreneur Richard Branson once said, “To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.” In the dynamic realm of equipment rentals, having the right software is crucial to keeping your heart aligned with your business goals. Let’s uncover the essential functionality your rental […]

Powering Growth with CRM: The Backbone of Your Dealership

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If equipment dealerships are a complex puzzle, CRM systems are the missing piece for unlocking success. This is why grasping the core concepts of CRM systems has become paramount in a modern dealership. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems act as the cornerstone in ‘CRM system management,’ catalyzing success and nurturing enduring relationships. Let’s delve deeper […]

The Value of Sharing Data Across Your Equipment Business

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Organizations seeking to improve equipment business profitability and operational efficiency are discovering the value of sharing data across their rental, dealership, and servicing departments. Traditionally, equipment businesses have operated in silos, with each department working independently. This can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities, negatively impacting profitability. How might sharing data help streamline operations throughout the business?

Three Challenges Facing the Heavy Equipment Industry

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From changing technology to ever-increasing competition, the challenges facing equipment businesses can be overwhelming for business owners. In this blog post, we will discuss some of these challenges and discuss some solutions to address them.

Why Workflows Work


What exactly is a workflow? Loosely defined, a workflow is a set of tasks that are grouped chronologically into processes. Workflows often also include a set of people and/or resources necessary to complete those tasks. Linking…

See What’s Important in One Glance

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What is the Dashboard Calendar?The Dashboard Calendar is the place where all your contracts, reservations, work orders, pickups, deliveries, and tasks are displayed together, showcasing a timeline of events as they happen in…

Simplify Your Payments

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One way Texada Pay simplifies your payment process is by enabling invoices to be emailed directly through the Texada platform. This feature is easy to implement, and in return, your team is spared the headache of constantly having to chase down payments and your customers are happy because the payment link is conveniently found in their inbox where they can pay from any device.