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Unmask the Minute Thieves at Your Dealership

This image talks about rental business Minute thieves

Is your dealership leaving money on the table? While losing a few minutes here and there might not seem to put a dent in your bottom line, it can really add up over time. Check out this helpful infographic about these menial tasks that take up your team’s time– also known as Minute Thieves.

The Value of Sharing Data Across Your Equipment Business

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Organizations seeking to improve equipment business profitability and operational efficiency are discovering the value of sharing data across their rental, dealership, and servicing departments. Traditionally, equipment businesses have operated in silos, with each department working independently. This can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities, negatively impacting profitability. How might sharing data help streamline operations throughout the business?

What Should You Know About Heavy Equipment Inspection?

What should you know about heavy equipment inspection

Heavy equipment inspection is a regular, routine process that ensures your fleet is compliant. If executed properly, it can save you from a ton of headaches down the road in both monetary and process execution aspects.

Simplify Inspections with these NEW Features from Texada

Heavy Equipment Management software

Inspections are a critical part of the rental business. Making sure your equipment comes back in pristine condition and is ready to be rented out again is crucial to maintaining a steady workflow. Traditionally, inspection forms…

Three Ways AR and WOMS Supercharges Field Service Training

A man wearing glasses with a computer screen on his face, providing a virtual reality experience.

Augmented reality (AR) is radically changing the nature of training within the field service industry. Service technicians can now rehearse basic skills and repairs in simulated hazardous conditions without being endangered so that they are better prepared for live operation. Despite these technological advances, current training platforms need more data to mirror a wider range of real-world scenarios

AR: The Future of Field Service

A tool box with goggles on top, ready for use.

Everyday, Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming less “science fiction” and more of an essential element for enterprise growth as industries discover its various practical uses in the field. While many companies have had this innovative technology on their radar for quite some time, others are just beginning to scratch the surface and understand how it can positively impact their organization as a whole.