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Texada Pay: Streamline Your Payment Processing


Would you consider storing a gold bar in your desk drawer? How about with the office supplies in your office? You might be surprised to learn that a similar yet parallel scenario happens everyday, all the time. We are, of course, talking about sensitive, private financial data.  Data is everywhere and is constantly streaming around […]

Introducing Contracts 2.0

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Product kits. Change history. Quick Customer creation. Learn all about the new features coming to Contracts in Texada Web. Texada is pleased to announce the coming arrival of Contract Management in the new Texada Web Interface!…

Power Your Rental Business with These Texada Features

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Let’s be honest– the Texada suite of products is huge. While we are so proud of all the solutions we offer, if you’re a Texada veteran or a newcomer, you might not be leveraging all our features to their fullest potential!

Simplify Inspections with these NEW Features from Texada

Heavy Equipment Management software

Inspections are a critical part of the rental business. Making sure your equipment comes back in pristine condition and is ready to be rented out again is crucial to maintaining a steady workflow. Traditionally, inspection forms…

See What’s Important in One Glance

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What is the Dashboard Calendar?The Dashboard Calendar is the place where all your contracts, reservations, work orders, pickups, deliveries, and tasks are displayed together, showcasing a timeline of events as they happen in…

Simplify Your Payments

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One way Texada Pay simplifies your payment process is by enabling invoices to be emailed directly through the Texada platform. This feature is easy to implement, and in return, your team is spared the headache of constantly having to chase down payments and your customers are happy because the payment link is conveniently found in their inbox where they can pay from any device.

Your Schedule Brought to Life

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Staying on top of projects and commitments demands a high level of coordination and remains one of the biggest challenges for rental companies. To help customers who struggle with daily planning and forecasting jobs, Texada…

Four Game-changing Benefits of Texada Pay

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Texada Pay provides Texada’s customers the ability to process credit cards and ACH payments directly within their applications and Texada’s e-commerce store and Customer Portal solution, called Gateway.