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Damage Detection — Why is it so important?

Damage detection is critical to the overall maintenance of your company’s assets. On a  practical note, you can fix problems faster and cheaper. With damage detection, you become aware of problems immediately, and it ends up being cheaper because you’re able to diagnose damage before things become a real issue, sparing you and your company from major costly repairs. Damage detection software also allows for precise identification of the damage location, so you don’t have to go searching — or worse, guessing where the problem is coming from.

 This all sounds great, doesn’t it? But why do rental companies need damage detection? Within the rental industry, your assets are your business. If an asset is damaged and not performing well, it cannot be rented out, which means your incurring a loss as this broken piece of equipment collects dust. Your business depends on a fully operational unit, and to make sure your company is operating at their best, you need to make sure all equipment remains ready for rental. Damage detection software allows your company to be able to diagnose what’s wrong with an asset and when it happened, allowing you to react to the damage at an increased rate to get their asset back to optimal performance again. By being proactive and performing small, routine repairs instead of expensive and lengthy ones when an asset breaks down, you, minimize the time assets spend in repair, meaning they spend more time making you money. 

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So how would a firm look to integrate damage detection software? At Texada, we have the perfect solution with Texada WorkFlow. Texada WorkFlow includes an advanced guided damage detection tool so your team can maximize the value of every touch point they have with equipment that drives your business. 

Reduce downtime, maximize asset performance, and keep your costs in check. Book a demo with one of our software experts to learn more.

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