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Texada Pay: Streamline Your Payment Processing


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Would you consider storing a gold bar in your desk drawer? How about with the office supplies in your office? You might be surprised to learn that a similar yet parallel scenario happens everyday, all the time.

We are, of course, talking about sensitive, private financial data. 

Data is everywhere and is constantly streaming around us. In these circumstances, it is especially important that businesses handle sensitive data, like customer financial information, quickly and carefully. This is where Texada Pay comes in. 

With Texada Pay, you no longer have to sacrifice productivity enhancements for security. In this blog post, let’s explore the benefits of Texada Pay and delve into how its integration with Global Payments is reshaping the payment ecosystem.

What is Texada Pay?

Texada Pay, powered by Global Payments, is an integrated payment solution that lives within the Texada rental platform. It enables users to simplify transactions, reduce risk of credit card fraud, and protect the organization from unexpected infraction fines.

Texada Pay enables users to:

1. Store Confidential Information Securely

Double down on security by storing payment information securely and compliantly for future purchases instead of having customers always re-enter their payment details. With card on file, quickly complete transactions on future purchases and set up recurring payments.

2. Get Paid Automatically

With auto-pay functionality, stored card information can be availed to pay invoices, capture payments during rental returns or automate cycle billing, all without the hassle of a customer filling out a credit application each time.

3. Access Powerful and Timely Reporting

Save time in your day-to-day life by reporting information conveniently through a PCI compliant process.

4. Experience Seamless Integration with your Texada Platform

Maintain a seamless e-commerce experience with an integrated payment process that doesn’t require any external link or process.

5. Benefit From Competitive Processing Fees

Enjoy competitive processing fees for card transactions and direct bank debits.


In conclusion, Texada Pay emerges as the ideal solution for rental companies navigating the landscape of payment processing. By seamlessly integrating with Texada SRM, and GateWay, Texada Pay empowers businesses to streamline transactions, automate payments, and access vital information quickly, thereby enhancing the overall business experience. 

Speak to an expert today to discover how Texada Pay and other solutions can help you reach your next business milestone.

See how our customers are benefiting from Texada Pay:

Read the case study.

“Having the ability to save that credit card for the customer on file…That took away a lot of work and headache from having to get people down to get the checks”
– Southside Lifts & Rentals

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