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Update on Support Improvements

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Transforming Customer Support: Texada’s Recent Improvements

Last year we communicated the significant investments we’ve made in improving the support experience we provide. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of you about these investments and engage on ways we can continue to invest & improve across our Customer Experience organization since joining Texada in January as the Chief Customer Officer. During the last 90 days, we have rolled out new support forms which 35% of our customers are utilizing. Moving off of email has ensured that we are able to gather the relevant information to resolve your cases more quickly. We’ve also reduced the backlog of cases in the technical services area to improve turnaround times for projects like data changes & new templates.

Today we are excited to introduce the substantially improved integrations between our support and engineering systems such that support requests or issues are more seamlessly escalated throughout our internal teams.  Your feedback was critical in understanding the journey complex support cases often took when moving between our internal teams and how frustrating it could be to not have visibility on the progress of your requests when they left the support realm. Our streamlined process reduces hand-offs between teams and creates a path for our customers to engage more directly with the team that will address & resolve your request.

Our Customer Support team is here to address your questions. Whether you’re looking for how a particular function works, need a small configuration change you are unable to make in the product directly, or to report an issue or defect, our team is here to help.  Simply create a ticket in our HELP CENTER and we will work to resolve your request either directly or through an enhanced escalation process with our back office teams. 

The best ideas for product enhancements come from our customers and we wanted to make it easier for you and your users to directly engage with us about enhancements you’d like to see in a future product release. Our Ideas Portal which you can connect to HERE has been refreshed so you can easily find all the great ideas submitted thus far. We recommend searching for your idea as it’s possible another customer has already suggested it. If you find it, you can vote for it, or make a new one, and you will be kept up-to-date on that idea as we consider adding it to our future roadmap. 14 ideas were delivered last year and 23 are already in development for a future release. 

For all other requests, such as major reconfigurations of the application, bulk data manipulations, major customer document template changes, or requests to script work through the application, we have a new SOW process to quickly scope and quote the work you are requesting. When you create a support request, it will be routed for estimating so you know quickly whether your request is something we can address and if it will be chargeable. We are also actively improving our Self-Service offerings to empower you to make changes on your own and achieve more with our products with nearly a dozen features in development.

Beyond support, we are excited to announce our new Customer Training Webinars featuring some of our awesome product consultants who will be providing tips & tricks for your team to get the most from Texada solutions. You can register your interest HERE to help determine which topic our teams will cover first. 

At Texada, our teams are focused every day on ensuring that you have the best experience using our products and that it’s easy to get the training and support you need.

Thank you for all the great feedback, we look forward to incorporating it and growing and improving your experience with us.

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