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Power Your Rental Business with These Texada Features

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Unveiling Texada’s Hidden Gems: Eight Must-Know Features

Let’s be honest– the Texada suite of products is huge. While we are so proud of all the solutions we offer, if you’re a Texada veteran or a newcomer, you might not be leveraging all our features to their fullest potential!

To help you along with that, here’s a list of eight features that you might have missed:

Elevate Your Rental Experience: Exploring Texada’s Advanced Functionality

1. Digital Rental Board

A real-time, automatically updating rental board that lets you see the status of your entire inventory all in one place. Need more information on an asset? No problem! You can drill down any asset you own to see more information, such as the make, model and rates of the asset.

2. Standalone Inspections

Our Standalone Inspections feature allows you to digitally capture, store and review any inspection form across your business. Whether it’s a regular inspection or a quick check up prior to a rental, you’ll have a digital record ready to go.

3. eSignatures

Texada allows you to collect the signatures you need and store them electronically. You can capture your signatures at the counter, out in the field, or online. Forget about storing signed documents manually, or chasing customers down. Now you can easily access and request it all from the cloud.

4. Document Storage

Speaking of secure storage, all your documents are stored on SRM and are accessible from any device. By default, your contract gives you 5GB of storage, which is a ton of space for documents.

5. Dashboards

While our incredible team has created some great dashboards for you to use right out of the box, it’s also very easy to create your own custom dashboards that fulfil your specific company’s needs.  In addition to that, you can export all your data to other programs your organization might be using, like Microsoft Excel.

6. Texada Pay

Texada Pay is a payment solution that makes processing payments faster, more accurate and effortless. Texada Pay can integrate with the provider you’re currently using, but with our specific integration with Global Payments, you can leverage a ton of extra benefits like cycle billing, reduced manual card entry, and more.

7. Map View

Map view on Texada Web and Texada Mobile lets you track all our drivers and equipment, but it also lets you see unassigned tickets. This makes dispatching available drivers easy, leading to more jobs completed and happier customers.

8. Power BI with Texada Analytics

Subscribing to Texada Analytics gives you an automatic license to Power BI and the Power BI app! All you need to do is log in with your Texada Analytics credentials and you’re off to the races.

And there you have it! Eight features that you might not have known you needed. As always, our support and services team is always thrilled to answer your questions if you want to know more about any of these. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see what you can achieve with the full Texada suite.

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